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Estonia , Friday 05 June 2020

News Estonia Viljandi County: 16,000 still without power on Monday evening

Published on: Monday 28 October 2019
16,000 still without power on Monday evening
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particularly Saaremaa and Pärnu County. The largest number of customers still without electricity on Monday night were in Võru and Põlva Counties in southeastern Estonia, and Viljandi County in ...

News Estonia Viljandi County: Centre party Viljandi County branch board in crisis

Published on: Monday 28 January 2019
Centre party Viljandi County branch board in crisis
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The Centre Party in Viljandi County in south-central Estonia is in a state of disarray, according to local daily Sakala, due to a dispute between Jaak Aab, former minister of public administration, and businessman Juhan Juhkamsoo, chair of the regional party board.

News Estonia Viljandi County: Here’s how we opened our Tallinn smoke sauna (in beta mode)

Published on: Saturday 08 September 2018
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... are handcrafted in Estonia and reflect the very best of modern Estonian design for an ancient Estonian tradition. And they are based in Viljandi county. The smoke saunas take a special skill to ...

News Estonia Viljandi County: Construction contract in Estonia (Kiini substation, Viljandi county)

Published on: Sunday 15 July 2018
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On 16 July 2018, AS Merko Infra, part of AS Merko Ehitus group, Elering AS and Elekrilevi OÜ entered into a contract for the construction of Kiini 110 kV substation. In Kiini‘s new substation a 110 kV ...

News Estonia Viljandi County: British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay becomes a fan of Estonian-made igloo-style huts

Published on: Thursday 06 June 2019
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“Built in Estonia and shipped to the UK ... and a storage room. Last but not least, the Viljandi County-based company says its pods are “insulated and tested in Nordic climate”. Iglucraft’s model 4 ...